5 Careers For Come-backers

5 Careers For Come-backers

There are many organizations and Facebook groups that focus on finding jobs for felons. When you first get out jail or prison, a ‘job’ is just what you need. Less focus should be put on the wage or the actual job duties. However, after securing a job and stabilizing you life, you might want to start thinking about a career. The common belief is that felons cant find good jobs or have successful careers. I know this to be untrue. The following are the top 5 career paths for felons ($40,000 + a year),

1.) Chef
2.) Business Administration (Operations, Logistics, or Marketing)
3.) Trade Skills (Mechanic, Electrification, General Contractor, etc.)
4.) Social Work / Drug Councilor
5.) Computer Programmer (Networks, SQL, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.)

Going back to school and earning my business administration degree has had a great return on investment. I now make a $60k salary with 401k, health care, and paid vacation. These are perks that come with a career and not with a ‘job’.

Don’t be scared to invest in your future, especially if you plan to pursue one of these five career paths.


6.) Entrepreneur

If you’re a natural born hustler like many felons are, you may be interested in building your own business. I myself can’t imagine working for someone else forever. Now that I have a career I am building my business comebackcollective.org

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