Community Service Hours

Community Service Hours

Depending on the specifications of your sentencing, you may have an intimidating amount of community service you must complete before a certain deadline. Failing to complete your probationary terms by the defined timeline can cause additional time to be added. Do not procrastinate.

Get started as soon as possible and try to keep a regular and consistent schedule until you have it all completed. You can use this simple equation to determine the minimum hours you should volunteer per week.

(# of community service hours)/(Total Weeks – 12 Weeks) = Hours per week you should volunteer

You want to subtract at least 12 weeks from the total available time to complete your community service to account for any unexpected events. For example, when I was released I hade two years (104) to complete a staggering 400 hours of community service.

104 weeks – 12 weeks = 92 weeks

400 hours / 92 weeks = 4.3 hours per week