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Online Courses

Learn how to write a perfect resume from start to finish.

  • Preparation
  • Resume do’s and don’ts
  • 3 Example Resumes

Learn how to interview like a pro and increase your chances of getting the job you want – even with a criminal record.

  • Preparation
  • Interview Structure
  • Common Questions and Behavior Questions
  • How to Explain Your Criminal Record
  • How to Follow Up

Learn how to file the free application for federal student aid.

  • Financial Aid Eligibility
  • Information Needed for Application

Learn how to establish and build your credit score.

  • Ways to earn a credit line.
  • Understanding what affects your credit score.

Cover Letter
Learn how to write a professional cover letter.
Personal Finance
Learn how to effectively budget and save money (coming soon).
Google Email and Calendar
Learn how to set up and use Google email and calendar.
Entrepreneurship 101
Learn how to start a simple service based business like a cleaning service, landscaping, or dog grooming (coming early 2019).